Public Sports Facilities

There are plenty of ways to release some energy in Groningen. Practicing sports can be very serious and competing, but just throwing or kicking a ball can be just as fun. In Groningen we know that living in a city doesn’t mean you’re not able to exercise outdoors. While there are many free of charge public sports facilities in Groningen that you can enjoy with friends and practice your game. Many tennis courts, basketball, volleyball and football pitches are available all around the city which are waiting for you. The weather might be not always on your side, yet just do it. Sport is one of the ways to relieve the stress accumulated from the study and work load. Some of those sports you will need to do in a group of people, so join the Facebook group: Sport in Groningen ( ) and find your sport buddy and free public sport location.

Tennis courts
The following 4 courts are in the 4 different directions of Groningen and are easily accessible and free of charge. All courts are tartan flooring, so the ball jumps off faster than a usual court.

  • Behind the train station – Gymzaal Verlengde Lodewijkstraat. The court is good for beginners because the back space of the court is limited.
  • To the west side of Groningen- relatively close to the city center-at Oliemuldersweg.
  • To the north side of Groningen- near Heerdenpad.
  • To the east side of Groningen- at Kwartsstraat where it meets Pyrietstraat.

There is a football pitch at Rasedastraat 56, Spicastraat 51, near Heerdenpad, Lepenlaan, Bossemoestraat. In some groups on Facebook, boys from different cultures are fathering together to play football.   

There is a free fitness at the corner of where the Lijlzijde and Stuurboordswal street meet. The fitness has diverse machines as pull up bar, leg and chest press and more.  Closer to the city center fitness is at Vrydemalaan. There is one also close to the center beach: Bloemsingel. At Canadalaan next to the rowing club, that one is quite hidden.

There is a free basketball court at Noorderplantsoen, at Oosterhamriklaan, Goudlaan.

There is a free beach volleyball at Noorderplantsoen. Another one available is at Hoornsemeer.

Tennis table
A few table tennis around: at Anna Paulownastraat, Klaprooslaan 304, Wilgenpad 9, Vrydemalaan.

Swimming for free is in the natural pools which are designated as at: Hornsemeer and Bloemsingel. Both locations are public beaches. The Bloemsingel is the city beach located near the Student Hotel, meanwhile the Hornsemeer is the big lake situated to the south of Groningen.

One of the free skateparks are at Zonnelaan, behind the bus stop called Grote Beerstraat. Another skatepark is near Helperzoon 70. The other cluster of skaters is at Backbone50 where they have a big ramp.

There is no public cricket pitch in Groningen but for the cricket lovers, most Indians are gathering to play cricket at open fields around the city. You can always join them! There are a couple cricket facebook groups, but their activity changes from time to time.

Pétanque court
Pétanque is a form of boules where the goal is to toss or roll hollow steel balls as close as possible to a small wooden ball. There is one place with a few courts at Stadspark near the Chinese restaurant.  

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