Sport Till You Drop

Groningen has its fair share of exotic sports to ward off the dreaded freshmen 15 (as the university newspaper revealed, Groninger students also suffer from the phenomenon, be it only 5 kg on average). Of course you know soccer, hockey and basketball, but Groningen offers a lot more unique and exciting ways to stay in shape as well. Are you familiar with sledding? Or did you always want to waterski? Or what is more Dutch than trying your hand at mud walking in the famous Waddensea? It’s all possible.

Under waterhockey is another revelation, and will let you use the swimming pool in an entirely different way. You might want to leave possible spectators at home though, because it takes place at the bottom of the pool.

Fight sports are also offered. Budo-zapp allows you to sample five methods of martial arts/self-defense, from aikido to jiu-jitsu. Capoeira and boxing will allow you to get even more physical and release all tension by fighting. You won't need it in Groningen though, because the only thing you will have to fight off are admiring glances once you demonstrate your skills.

But sports that involve music take the crown. BOMmen is the most popular sport among especially female students, which could be related to the fact that the instructors are often buff musclemen. BOMmen stands for "bewegen op muziek," which means moving to music, so you get a fun workout while dancing to the latest hits. Zumba is another popular dance class to fight off the (alcoholic) calories. And men, if you want to make an impression on the dance floor when you explore the city's nightlife, joining the classes full of in shape students might not be such a bad idea. Pole dancing is another quite popular form of moving to music, and the gogo aerobic techniques will enhance your skills both on and off the pole. Don’t expect to learn moves you see in films: the erotic element is absent, and you’ll dance fully clothed to train specific muscle groups.

Finally, there are also less physically intensive sports that you can try. Join jeu de boule club GSJDBV Het Balletje (The Little Ball) as they train in the park, or exercise your brain while playing chess. 

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