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Bigger and better is not just the motto of Texas; it also applies to Groningen, as the city is home to not only the University of Groningen, but also to the largest university of applied sciences in the north of the Netherlands, the Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen (Hanze UAS). The broad range of practical-oriented programs has proven to have a magnetic appeal, as the Hanze UAS attracts over 25.000 students and 2.500 employees to Groningen. With several fully English-taught and German-taught programmes, and an award-winning International Student Office, Hanze UAS is the ideal way to start your international adventure.

Founded in 1798, Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen, is the oldest university of applied sciences in the Netherlands. With a student body of over 27,000, it is also the largest university of applied sciences in the north of the Netherlands, with an extensive international network.

Hanze UAS’s buildings are located mainly on the modern Zernike complex, an easy 15-minute bike ride away from the city centre. But if you’re feeling lazy, you can also take the bus, which goes there approximately every 10 minutes from the centre/train station. As if that’s not convenient enough, there’s a supermarket, canteen, and coffee bar to satisfy all your cravings and keep your energy maximized.



As a University of Applied Sciences, Hanze UAS is especially suited for students who also want to obtain practical experience instead of just attending lectures. Internships or practical research are integrated into the curriculum, so it could very well be that you’re attending a lecture one day and helping a company to develop an application on the next.

Hanze UAS has a strong network of national and international businesses and organisations. As a student at Hanze UAS you will have opportunities to gain work experience, with most programmes requiring students to complete two separate work placements. In addition, many lecturers have extensive experience in their professional fields, enabling them to help bring real cases to the classroom. Furthermore, it is a knowledge institute in which applied research and innovation are integrated into its curricula. 

International Student Desk
Hanze UAS has its very own international student team that can help you in the formal application process, but will also bring you in contact with current international students who know from their own experience how exciting it is to study in a foreign country.

The International Student Desk consists of international students of Hanze UAS, coming from all over the world. The team will help you obtain information on the international Bachelor and Master study programmes offered at Hanze UAS, the campus, the way of teaching at Hanze UAS and the vibrant student life in Groningen. You can always e-mail your questions to isteam@org.hanze.nl. You might have difficulties in adjusting to the Dutch culture, and it is therefore important for you to know some basic facts prior to arrival. The international student team is there to answer your questions!

Need some visuals? Check out this video for an exciting introduction to Hanze.

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