University of Groningen Library

What comes to mind when thinking of a library? If it’s books, books and more books, then it’s time to enlighten you, because a library can be so much more. The library of the University of Groningen is also a vivid centre of student activity. It combines your need for quiet learning with the social platform so essential to student life. Meaning: we all fancy a break every now and then. So why not take one together? The library makes it all possible.

Let’s start with the educational facilities. Just talking numbers, there are over 3 million books, 1600 study places and 300 computers available. In addition, the library is very customer-friendly, all of its five levels contain an information desk and all signs and guides are available in English. Why sit home alone when this is available to you, especially when your friends are studying too.

Though digital access makes studying at home very easy these days, the facilities in the library do provide a good solution to the major problem encountered in the vibrant city of Groningen; distraction is everywhere if you want to. At home you might be disturbed by a roommate seeking an excuse to do nothing, or you might be the one causing the disturbance. Don’t deny it, we all do it sometimes. In the Netherlands, students have even made a verb out of the Dutch acronym for study evasive behaviour, called soggen (example: somehow feeling a sudden urge to do the dishes).

Hanze Media Centre
The Hanze UAS has all these recourses available through the Hanze Media Centre. Here you’ll find everything ranging from specialist literature and magazines to audio and videotapes. Since the Hanze UAS also offers study programmes focusing on practical experience, don’t be surprised to even find sheet music there! Although the largest Media Centre can be found on the Zernike complex, all locations have their own branch, supplying you with all the information needed for your area of study.

In short, the libraries combines the academic atmosphere to put you in the right mood to open a book with the possibility of taking breaks with your fellow students. Those exams suddenly don’t seem to be so hard when studying together with your friends! And don't forget to check out this video on study places in Groningen!


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