University of Groningen

The university was founded in 1614 and it is still located, with its magnificent Academy building, in the city centre. Imagine grabbing a delicious sandwich at that lovely Italian place across the street between classes, or being able to go shopping at the end of the day without travelling first. The city was right not to banish the university to a campus at the edge of the city, the vibe of the old city centre is without equal. But, they did choose the best of both worlds. The university also has brand new buildings at the Zernike campus, making the university both traditional and modern. 

The University of Groningen is not just an old institution, it is also an esteemed one. Its ranking is constantly monitored. For example, the university is a member of the Excellence Group of the best universities in Europe, this group comprises the best 1.3 percent of all 4,500 institutions of higher education.

The international character of the University of Groningen is cherished, most people at the university speak English, but this is not the only reason why it will be a pleasant stay. The university has a lot of experience with accommodating international students; there are already 3000 visiting Groningen each year. This familiarity with foreigners makes sure they know how to care for you. Literally, as the health guide for international students proves! This means that when you’re walking through the university buildings it’s normal to hear various languages being spoken around you. If you want to study abroad to meet other cultures, then Groningen is the place to be. Don’t worry if you just want to meet Dutch people, there are plenty of them in Groningen too.

Other aspects of this drive towards internationalization are long-term partnerships with foreign universities from Sao Paulo to Seoul and a large amount of study programmes taught in English. The university itself has an introduction to the university especially made for foreign students and quick links to the Bachelor and Master programmes offered in English. The Faculty of Economics and Business even has a special website devoted to international students.

If you're interested in what other international students say about studying at the University of Groningen, you should check out this short video

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