Zernike Complex

The Zernike complex is a true student metropolis. Everyday a small migration takes place when thousands of students travel to Zernike in the north of Groningen. Streams of cyclists make their way to classes and busses drop off full loads of students every ten minutes. Both the University of Groningen and the Hanze UAS have several facilities at the complex . Most of them are brand new, which is clearly visible by the buildings appearances . Apart from lecture rooms and laboratories, there’s also a large examination room, so even if you don’t have classes at the complex there’s a good chance you’ll get to know it. Also, since 2008 the complex houses an observatory with one of the largest telescopes in the Netherlands.

With so many students around, there are of course provisions to be found. Like a small supermarket inside one of the University buildings, the first of its kind in the Netherlands. Most students and lecturers need their daily intake of caffeine and this is provided, among other supplies, by the cantinas in most buildings. For those of you who like quality coffee, there’s also a coffee bar where you can get your latte macchiatos , espressos and cappuccinos.

Did we mention the book store? The ponds where people go ice skating in the winter and sit by to relax in the summer? The Australian Homemade where delicious ice-cream is served? The wide-range of sport facilities, like tennis and squash courts, football and hockey fields, the climbing wall and pool? And if you’d like to make some cash on the side, there’s even a temporary employment agency. In short, the Zernike complex in itself is a small city providing everything a student needs.


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