Always wanted to become a famous academic shocking the scientific world with new discoveries? Maybe you will turn out to be an awesome debater? Or perhaps you’ll discover that writing the funniest punch lines for a play is easy for you. All this might just happen when coming to Groningen.

People with talent are usually thought to be professionals or exceptionally skilled in something; this might seem to look unique or hard, but discovering your talent may be much easier than you think! Your talent, whatever it may be, can be developed in many areas and on all levels. Amaze and be amazed in Groningen where there are plenty of opportunities to do this.

Thought developing your talent was all about the books? Student life has much more to offer than that. There’s always an opportunity to try out a sport that you’ve never done before or simply continue with one you like already. If you’re more into culture there are plenty of creative outlets too, most of them run by and for students! Even organizational skills are appreciated in Groningen, and here you can find out if you have what it takes to run a student association.

It’s all possible in the City of Talent!

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