Hanze Honours College

When you choose to study in Groningen, it doesn’t mean you only have to follow the standard route of your study programme. Are you the student that is always over-ambitious, and that would like to expand their academic knowledge in a more ambitious and extraordinary way? You might be at the right place when you choose Groningen. Groningen is the City of Talent of the Netherlands, and therefore offers a wide range of challenging possibilities for ambitious students to develop their talents.

Students seeking more challenge and academic knowledge next to their standard study programme don’t have to worry when coming to Groningen. The Hanze University of Applied Sciences offers students the possibility to develop their talents by offering excellence programmes. The Excellence Programmes are designed for students who are seeking for more challenges next to their standard study programme. Do you have the ambition to expand your knowledge in research activities, by participating in councils and the organisation of school activities? The Hanze University Honours College can offer you a programme structure combining the three elements of research, community and interdisciplinary. By choosing to take the Hanze Honours College, you can find some other victims instead of your friends to have endless discussions with!

There are 45 excellence programmes in total offered by the Hanze University Groningen, and together they form the Hanze University Honours College. English-taught programmes are offered by 4 schools, which are the Hanze Institute of Technology, the School of Communication and Media, the International Business School and the School of Education.

Being an excellent student doesn’t mean your grades have to be above average, your social skills and motivation are just as important. Therefore the Hanze Honours College is suitable for students that are motivated and ambitious enough to add an extra dimension to their studies. In addition, the Hanze Honours College is especially interesting for students who choose to follow a full study programme at the Hanze University Groningen, as the programme is usually spread over more than one academic year. Students have to participate in challenging assignments that are specifically designed for them. The Honours Programme is worth 30 ECTS (European Grading System) and after completing the programme you will receive an endorsement of certificate.

Take the challenge
Next to the Honours College, the Hanze University Groningen also offers a wide range of other choices to get that extra bit of talent out of you. One of them is the top sport degree track, which is interesting for athletes to fit their timetable and examinations around their intensive training sessions and competitions. Other additional study possibilities that broaden your study programme are the selective university-wide minor and the selective specialisation. The selective university-wide minor is open to a selective group of students. You can for example choose the Da Vince Minor and as part of an assignment from the Groningen Centre for International Cooperation (COS Groningen) set up a Fair Trade Municipality. Or you can choose the European Business Minor by which you can start your own company and meet all kinds of famous and interesting entrepreneurs!

So when you have the ambition to become a well-known public speaker, or perhaps you are convinced you have the best skills when it comes to doing business; you will definitely find the Hanze Honours College highly interesting!

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