RUG Honours College

Are you looking for an extra challenge? Always wanting to be among the best? In the City of Talent they are prepared for you, because ‘motivate yourself to go further’ is an idea which applies to the University of Groningen Honours College.

Excellence in education is essential at the University of Groningen: all courses must be of considerable quality, but within this framework they also want to provide additional challenges for students with ambitions. To accommodate this they created the Honours College. The Honours College starts with a selection procedure in the first year of the Bachelor programme. Good grades are of course important, but extracurricular activities are just as well. For example, seriously practicing a sport is considered welcome. This way your hobby could help you with your study!

In total the Honours track provides 45 ECTS (the European grading system) in addition to a full Bachelors programme of 180 ECTS. Honours students are not separated from the rest, but are encouraged to improve themselves in addition to their existing study programme. A bit more than half of this extra section consists of deepening units within your own field of study. These classes vary from faculty to faculty, but they are always used to improve knowledge of current research and core areas of each study.

The other half of the section is used to broaden your education. Though you could be hopelessly in love with physics or economics could be really your thing; following a course about the clash of civilizations could be the exciting extra challenge you need. All Honours students take these broadening units. This means meeting people from all walks of (student) life and you’ll get to work with them too. If you want to ‘be the man’ (or woman) at the university, even outside your faculty, the Honours College provides the opportunity.

The best thing is kept for the end; as a finishing touch you’ll be able to attend a summer school within or outside of Europe together with Honours students of all faculties. Broadening your horizon is taken very literally here.

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