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Student associations

Fill out the association guide below to find out which association suits you. This guide only shows student associations, but there are more types of associations (see below). Of course, you can also join more than one type of association, for example a sports association and student association.

Association guide

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  2. Statements
  3. Important topics
  4. Results
Association Guide
Welcome to the association guide, to better know what suits you a number of questions are asked. Based on your answers, we will try to match you with one of the student associations as best we can. Click on next to continue.
I think an introduction period is crucial to become a member of a student association
Pushing boundaries together creates a deeper bond between me and other first-year students during introduction period
I am okay with a lot of obligatory activities within a student association
I think it is important that I am welcome every evening at an association
I like it when an association has a lot of members
I want to become part of a student association which is focused on LGBTQIA+ students
At my student association I want the possibility to apply for every committee in the first year
Religion plays a role in my life and within a student association I want to pay attention to it
I am looking for an association in which hierarchy is seen as important
The culture of my student association has to be very visible during association evenings
I do not mind if a student association enforces a dress code
I believe it is important to also focus on society within an association
I want my student association to provide the opportunity to live together with other members in a student association house
Important topics

Study Associations

In principle, every study program in Groningen has an association. Such study associations allow you to get to know your fellow students within your program in an informal environment, where there are often few obligations. A lot is possible; you can become as active as you want. You can also join a committee (group that organizes activities or, for example, makes a yearbook for the association). Study associations have a mix of study-related and social activities, so from company visits to fun get-togethers and trips inside and outside the Netherlands!

Many students are members of their study association alongside another type of association (sports, cultural, or a general student association).

If you want to know more about study associations, check out this page.


Sports associations
There are an awful lot of sports clubs in Groningen. The largest of these is the ACLO, where you can play (or just try out) lots of sports. Many students are members of the ACLO, in addition to a specific sports club (such as a rowing or soccer club). Check out our sports associations page to find out what sports associations there are in Groningen!


Cultural associations
There are several cultural associations in Groningen. The largest and best known is the Usva: the cultural student center of Groningen! There are also a number of specific cultural associations:

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