Unitas S.G. is an equal and traditional student association. Equality and friendship are not absent from the Association culture. As a result, everyone quickly feels at home within the association. At Unitas you will experience the best parties, get acquainted with student mores and traditions, develop in many areas and make friendships for life.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, members meet at the pub, also known as the Society, for drinks together. Throughout the year, the calendar is full of great events, such as the Society's birthday, a grand gala, King's Day, and the all-bars-open-beverage.

During your membership you will not only build the most beautiful friendships and experience the best parties, but you will also get many opportunities to develop yourself in many areas besides your own studies. For example, in your first year you can already organize a phenomenal party with the gala committee or make sure, together with the travel committee, that the entire association can travel to Europe.

Curious about Unitas? Take a quick look at their website.

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