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Hospiteren is a Dutch word which is basically like a job interview but in this case you apply to a room instead of a job. Hospiteeravond (abbreviation: hospi) is the evening at which you do the hospiteren, so the evening that you apply to the house/room. When a room becomes available in a house, the students that stay will look for a new roommate. To be able to choose one, they organize a hospi. You can be invited to a hospi by responding to an advert on for example Kamernet or in a Facebook group. Make sure you send a personal message as they get tons of reactions to their posts and you want to be the one they choose of course!

The Hospi/Hospiteeravond

Hospis really differ per house. Some invite all the ‘applicants’ at the same time, some have time slots, at some all the roommates are present and at others only one will make the decision. You will be asked some questions, for example about your hobbies, interests and studies. It is a good way to get to know your hopefully new roommates!

Take into account that most of the time, they can only choose one. Most likely you will be rejected at least once (unless you are extremely lucky of course). Don’t stress about it. See it as getting more experience and therefore a bigger chance to get it next time! Sometimes you just don’t fit the rest of the people in the house: some people are looking for real party animals, while others are looking for someone more quiet. So don’t pretend to be someone you’re not! You also want roommates that match with your personality right! Remember a hospi is also the time for you to see whether you really want to live there. You can also choose not to take the room if it is offered to you.

Some tips to keep in mind during a hospi:

  • Ask some questions to the roommates, people always like it when someone is interested in them. Plus this way you can see whether you match with their personalities and see whether you could feel at home there.
  • Try to talk to each roommate. This way everyone will know who you are after the hospi.
  • Don’t take your parents, this is very uncommon.
  • Don’t arrive late! The first impression is really important.
  • Most important: stay yourself and relax. It will most likely be a nice evening where you get to meet new people!

*It is also possible to find a room without doing a hospi, for example when you rent via someone you already know or if you find a room via a real estate agent or housing corporation.

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