As an international student itis advised that you open a Dutch bank account as soon as possible. Ifyou’re from the EU/EER and have a SEPA (single euro payments area)card you can still use your foreign card as usual, but it’sadvisable that you switch just to make payments easier, furthermoreit’s also necessary if you want to work in the Netherlands. Othercards may also work for shopping but most places do not acceptforeign cards and it is not always possible to find ATMs that takeforeign cards, also the withdrawal fees really add up.

These things are needed to opena Dutch account:

  • A valid address in theNetherlands
  • A valid passport
  • A BSN number (social securitynumber)
  • Student enrollment letter (fora student account)

Although it is possible toapply for an account without a BSN number, not all banks comply withthis. The university of Groningen has an agreement with ING bank andHanze has an agreement with Rabobank meaning you can open a bankaccount without a BSN number- but in order for your account to stayactive you have to apply for a BSN number within a month and informthem when you get it.

Bank accounts are generallyfree for students but this does not always extend to internationalstudents. So check beforehand if this is an issue for you.

Banks in Groningen:

  • ING: Hereplein 51, 9711 GD
  • Rabobank: Griffeweg 80, 9723DR Groningen
  • ABN Amro: Grote Markt 22, 9712HV
  • SNS: Oude Ebbingestraat 66,9712 HM