One of the perks of being a student is having the opportunity to visit many concerts, movies, plays and cultural events. There’s a reason Groningen is considered one of the biggest culture cities in the Netherlands. Whatever your preferred art form is, there’s a place for it in Groningen!

There are four major theaters throughout the city. The oldest of which, De Stadsschouwburg, was opened in 1883 and has a great historical atmosphere. If you're an avid concert goer, you will want to visit VERA or Simplon. Especially Vera has become a household name in the pop and rock scene throughout the decades, as it has hosted big names such as U2 and Nirvana. Every year in January you get the chance to enjoy EurosonicNoorderslag (ESNS), the key exchange platform for European music. Hosted right here in the city center, you can attend a huge number of shows by artists big and small. It has served as the stepping stone for artists such as Jett Rebel, Bastille and Dua Lipa.

With about 40.000 studentsliving and studying in Groningen, over a quarter of the city'sresidents are students. You can safely say Groningen is the number one student city of the country. Unsurprisingly, there's tons ofpossibilities for students to express themselves through music,theater and art. If you’re a student and interested in anythingrelated to culture, take a look at the cultural student center Usva!


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