International and Political Associations

In Groningen there are more possibilities to enjoy student life than you can imagine. Apart from the professional help of the International Offices and the skilful organisation of ESN-Groningen, there are much more helpful associations to be found.

Internationale verenigingen banner

Several of them provide help for specific groups of students. With the associations listed below you can learn more about a culture of a specific country.

Or maybe you are more interested in developing a specific skill or interest? The following associations are open for everyone coming here.

 This is just the tip of the iceberg, come to Groningen and join the association which fits your needs!

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Many students are active in Groningen student politics: the city council, the University Council, the University Participation Council, various political youth organizations: you will meet students everywhere. During the election period every year in May, the student parties try to collect as many votes as possible from students with the craziest stunts and most striking election campaigns. Everywhere you go as a student, you stumble over the flyers, pens, balloons, free newspapers, bottles of water, ice creams, cups of coffee and cotton candy.The individual faculties of the university have their own participation councils that advise on the education, research and budget of the faculty. These councils also consist of half students who are elected after elections. Down below you will find these associations.

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