Lijst Calimero


Lijst Calimero has become an integral part of student politics and cannot be ignored anymore. However, they also started small. Lijst Calimero was founded on March 30, 2005, by a brave student who aimed to awaken the student council at the University of Groningen. At that time, the University Council consisted of two established parties: one lacking innovation and the other lacking constructive approaches. Lijst Calimero began as a one-person party and was thus small, hence the name Calimero. Over the years, Calimero has gradually grown and expanded.

Lijst Calimero operates with a faction and a support faction. Faction members are individuals who hold seats in the University Council. They attend all meetings and also hold positions within the board. Faction members typically work full-time or intensely part-time, but it is possible to take a few courses alongside their commitments. Support faction members do not have seats in the University Council, but they have an equal influence on how Lijst Calimero formulates its policies and positions. They support faction members outside the council by taking on administrative tasks or focusing on specific issues. They have the freedom to decide how much time they dedicate to Calimero. Everyone is capable of working independently, but also collaborating closely as a cohesive team for a year.