Study Associations

Study associations in Groningen fill a very important niche in student life. Almost all study programmes have their own association which organises events and offers support specifically for students enrolled in the study programme to which they are related. It is the perfect combination of study-related and social activities.


First of all, the association related to your study program offers educational support. For example, they usually collect and provide summaries of books needed for a course and sometimes have contact with the educational staff to provide extra question hours before difficult exams. As an additional study bonus, attending activities means socialising with others who follow the same courses and with older students who have done them already. Discussing subject matters together can be of tremendous help!


A study association also usually organises readings and congresses on interesting up-to-date topics, inviting talented academics to share their perspective on the matter. Or you could attend an interview training to increase your chances on the labour market. These activities provide a valuable addition to your study, but more importantly, study associations organise social events like parties, hitch-hike contests, beer tastings or excursions to other countries in Europe. Everything you need to distract you from studying every now and then. The most valued activity is the introduction weekend at the start of the year; this brings the first years together on a weekend in the countryside, creating friendships for life!

How do they achieve all this? With your help! All associations have a board and various committees run by students, they are responsible for organising all these fantastic events. Joining a committee will give you a lot of organisational experience and is a social event in itself, because it usually requires teamwork. Don’t hesitate to offer your service! Maybe after a year or two of committee work you decide to apply for the board of your association, this is such a great experience and very good to improve skills which are important later when you start working!

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