LGBTQ+ Associations


The LGBTQ+ community is an important part of the culture and diversity of Groningen. Groningen is a LGBTQ friendly and safe city. The student LGBTQ+ organization is called Ganymedes; theater group organization is called Stichting Lesbians Unlimited and DUTSJ Queer Playback Theatre; the sport organization is called Goud which has also a swimming  group called Zwem GoudThe Box is a project by COCGD which helps internationals between 18-30 years old with some struggles regarding their sexuality and/or gender. The project creates a place where they can come, talk and meet others. Do you want to join one of the best parties in the Netherlands: Amsterdam Gay Pride? Most of these organizations are organizing trips together to go there. Since 2022 Groningen also has a Pride program! 


Annually a LGBT festival of North Netherlands called Misfit Festival is organized in Groningen. Gay bars and clubs to visit are Café de PrinsDorothy’s and Café Onze moeke.