Zwem Goud


Swimming for LGBTQ+ individuals has been possible in Groningen for quite some time. Since the end of 1997, the swimmers have organized themselves into a department within the Groninger Homo en Lesbo SportVereniging GOUD Gaysports Groningen (formerly known as Homo en Lesbo SportVereniging GOUD).

Since January 15, 2000, the swimming department has joined the Royal Dutch Swimming Federation (KNZB) and has become a member of the International Swimming Federation (FINA) as well. The name of the swimming department has been changed to Zwem Goud, and it has become independent from the other departments of GOUD. Membership in the KNZB means that all times swum by Zwem Goud members, as well as any records, are officially recognized worldwide. Additionally, through this membership, Zwem Goud has the opportunity to participate in various national and international tournaments.

The association has approximately 38 members, making Zwem Goud an average-sized swimming club.

At Zwem Goud, you can swim at any level, from beginners to swimming champions. However, please note that our training sessions are not swimming lessons. You do not need to master all strokes, but we do expect that you can swim and have obtained a swimming diploma. During training, you will swim in a lane with swimmers at your level. As your skill level improves, you can progress to a faster lane.