Part-time Jobs

Being an international student, you want your study abroad to be the most fun and exhilarating experience you’ve ever had. Money is of great importance to make this happen; you don’t wish to be the one always saying no to a drink in the city. And if you like to travel and want to see more of the country, some money can be helpful as well. Dutch students know all kinds of ways to live a budget life, but are also not afraid to do a bit of work next to their studies.

As a foreign student you might want to earn some extra money next to your studies as well. Who says a student can’t afford a bit of luxury? With a student job you can save for that long weekend you’re planning to spend in Amsterdam, or to visit the popular three day long festival Lowlands. Depending on your nationality, you are allowed to work as a foreign student in the Netherlands alongside your studies. A non-EU student is allowed to work no more then ten hours per week outside the summer period. In the summer months (June, July and August) a non-EU student is allowed to work full-time. EU, EEA and Swiss students are allowed to work as many hours as they like alongside their studies without the need of a working permit. Bulgarian and Romanian students are also allowed to work unlimited hours next to their studies, but they do need to get a work permit from their employer. More detailed information about working in the Netherlands alongside your study can be found on the website of Nuffic.

The search
Before you start your search for a job, you might want to consider what kind of work you would like to do. Favourite jobs among students in Groningen include working as a bar tender at a large nightclub or a coffee house, working in sales in a popular clothing shop or in a call-centre, and you can also be asked by a professor to assist as a student-assistant in lectures. As a Medicines student you can choose to work at the University Hospital of Groningen, where you can already gain some experience that will look good on your resume as well!

Being a student city, there are always loads of student jobs to find in Groningen. But where to look for? First of all, the University of Groningen and the Hanze University often have ads hanging in their hallways on which vacancies are displayed. Vacancies can also be found in the universities newspapers, such as the Universiteitskrant or Hanzemag. You can also decide to walk into a bar, café, or shop and simply ask if they need any new personnel. Show some courage and a happy face and it will be hard for a boss to refuse you! Another way to find a student job is to visit one of the many job agencies. Some of them will also offer jobs especially for international students.

Working at GroningenLife?!
From time to time, GroningenLife! is looking for students for the GroningenLife! team too. So if you're a talented writer, blogger or vlogger, they're may be some vacancies that'll suit you!

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