Humans are social animals by nature. It is likely that you’ll choose the city’s diverse social scene over giving your best impression of a hermit in your room. Groningen offers a wide variety in associations, varying from study,- students,- sports and cultural associations. Joining an association means that you often make friends for life, and next to that it will offer you plenty of opportunities to develop your social and organizational skills.

Of course you are completely free to choose whether you want to join an organization. As most of the citizens in Groningen are students, you will probably gain lots of new social contacts after the first night out! However if you would like to join one of the many associations in Groningen, you have a very wide choice.

Do you think that you’re a much better debater than Obama and would have convinced the Republicans to sign that tricky law in a heartbeat? Then you should probably think about signing up to a debating society or political organization. You can put your acquired argumentative skills to practice immediately by negotiating the price of a beer on one of their social events— and if it doesn’t work, they’ll be proud to see you try! Perhaps you’re better with moves than words; then you can join a dancing club or sports organization, as a lot of sports involve rhythm and agility. But of course you can also impress other students on the dance floor, and the international associations can tell you where to do just that.

No matter what your primary field of interest is, there will most likely be an association that fits your interest. In order to know more about the different associations, you can click below for a more detailed description. Or watch this video, which will tell you everything you need to know about international student organizations.

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