We hope that our website gave you a good impression of Groningen, but we understand that it is even better to see Groningen with you own eyes! We believe that our students can give you the best impression of the studentlife in Groningen.

The citytours of GroningenLife!
The citytours are led by a student from Groningenlife! who is studying here and is a part of the amazing studentlife. A tour takes approximately one hour and consist of a walk through the centre of Groningen. The tour is informative but at the same time entertaining, to keep it interesting for prospective students. The information that is provided and the places that we show during the tour can be adapted to your wishes.


  • A request has to be submitted 6 weeks before the tour with our web form.
  • When the group consist of more than 100 people, we ask you to submit your request 8 weeks before the tour.
  • A request can be submitted after the deadline. In that case we can’t guarantee that we have enough guides and we may not be able to provide a tour for you.

You will receive a message when we received your request.

We provide free tours for the University of Groningen, the Hanzehogeschool Groningen and City of Talent if the tour is meant for prospective students. Other organizations or tours meant for someone else than prospective students have a starting rate of €20,- per hour. When the group is larger than 20, we charge €1- per extra person per hour. A group of 36 people for one hour costs in this case: 1x starting rate €20,- + 16 x extra person €16,- = €36,-

Collaborating organizations
Hanzehogeschool Groningen
Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
City of Talent

Stafbureau Marketing & Communicatie Hanzehogeschool Groningen
Afdeling Communicatie Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

GroningenLife! is supported by the organizations mentioned above. However, the website and promotional activities are conceived and implemented independently by students.

Project coordinators and Promotional team
Susanne de Boer (RUG). E-mail:
Jordi Oosterhuis (Hanze) E-mail:

Webmaster and web editors
Karlijn Ringnalda. E-mail:

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