Do you like to dance, sing, act, joke, or do you like to watch people do those things? Then Groningen’s theatre scene will be much to your liking. Groningen is not only home to a variety of groups that provide students with international stand-up comedy, theatre, and film, but also regularly hosts visiting groups in one of its many theatres.

Stranger Things Have Happened is an improv comedy collective consisting entirely out of students. They are guaranteed to bring the laughs every first Thursday of the month in their comedy café. And the best part is that the audience can participate. Each show is completely interactive, and the talented guys and gals come up with sketches from scratch, based on audience suggestions. GUTS and NUTS, two student organizations, also regularly present adapted or even self-written plays, such as Coupling, based on the famous television series. Keep an eye on the flyer stands in the university buildings once in Groningen to stay fully updated about all events.

Cultural Student Centre USVA is the place to be if you want to become active yourself. In addition to monthly international comedy nights (every first Thursday of the month), they offer a variety of courses against a small fee. Take acting classes, explore your modern dance talents, or improve your photography skills to even better document your stay in Groningen for your family and friends at home. All courses are also open to international students, and some of them are even taught exclusively in English. Signing up is possible on a first come first serve basis.

In addition to these permanent fixtures in Groningen’s cultural scene, there are several venues where you can catch some of the most renowned cabaret and theatre of the country. The Oosterpoort and Studium Generale have at least a few English speaking acts on their program each semester, so be sure to check their websites for up to date information.

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