For film buffs of all persuasions, from blockbusters to independent foreign productions, Groningen is the place to watch. Seven days per week, you can join your fellow students in gazing at the big screen in no less than three cinemas, all of which offer student discounts. As a bonus, there’s a former-hospital-turned-cinema that opens its doors twice a week. If you’re a true connoisseur and cannot live without at least one visit to the cinema per week, you can also purchase an unlimited card at these venues—as the name already indicates, that means that you can go as often as you like for a fixed and very reasonable price of around eighteen euros a month. And trust us, there are many students that average six films a week! But also if you’re more of an occasional moviegoer, the Groninger cinemas offer a wide variety of films, and are one of the most common social hubs of student-night time entertainment. Here’s an introduction to all four of them, from small to big.

Old hospitals are usually the setting for bloody horror films -think Halloween- but in Groningen, it is the place where you can watch them. The former RKZ hospital is now home to a variety of artists, who live there and run the cinema themselves. Tickets only cost 4.50euros, and the luxury seats and artistic atmosphere are well worth the ten-minute bike ride from the city centre. Film screenings take place on Saturdays and Mondays, and the RKZ screens a balanced mix of mainstream and art house (even local) films.

Are you a fan of the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR), Cannes, or Sundance? Then ForumImages is just right for you, as it selects the very best art house features from all across the world to screen for you. The IFFR even has special screenings and premieres in Groningen, so you’ll always be at the forefront of foreign film. But beware, subtitles are in Dutch!

Pathé is a national cinema chain with locations in every major Dutch city, also right in downtown Groningen. The cinema draws mostly students; nowhere else will you be able to see twenty-something’s hugging life-sized Winnie the Pooh dolls. The cinema features mostly mainstream films and blockbusters, and in addition shows so-called PAC-films, which cater to a foreign film-and-art house-loving public. With student discount, a ticket is a very reasonable 6.50 Euros. For that you can select whichever seat you like, and relax in the comfy chairs (too comfy even, as many RUG law students have been known to fall asleep in these, as they occasionally also have classes in the cinema). And if you want to blend in, a challenge that Groninger movie buffs like to complete is to watch all films on the film poster-wall in one semester: an entire wall wallpapered with posters of current and past jewels.

Mustsee Euroborg
The Euroborg is best known as the stadium of local soccer pride FC Groningen, but it’s also home to the largest cinema in town: Mustsee Euroborg. With over 2000 seats and no less than ten screens, Mustsee is bound to have a film you like. It’s located around ten minutes from the city centre, and also boasts the largest film posters in town on its front wall. On Mustsee Monday, a ticket only costs 6.50, and like the Pathe, there is a sneak preview each week for only 5 Euros! To make it even better, before the film you can get some cheap snacks in the largest supermarket in town, Jumbo Euroborg, or if you’re feeling fancy, go to the all-you-can-eat buffet in the wok restaurant next door.

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