19 April 2023

Do you ever look at the advertisement boards on the streets? People often tend to ignore this, but there’s one advertisement that’s really worth checking out. It has a yellow background and furthermore only contains black texts promoting Het Laatste Tafeltje, which can be translated to The Last Table. This is a nice initiative that provides you with deals at a lot of restaurants in Groningen.

The idea is that the last tables in the restaurant will be booked as well. So, by means of a discount, restaurants try to convince you to go there so that they’re fully booked. Because it’s about the last tables in a restaurant, there are only a few spots available every day. The discounts that are offered can run very high, which for us students means we can enjoy a nice lunch, dinner or coffee break for a very student-friendly price! In this way you will also come across restaurants in the city that you normally wouldn’t go to, which will definitely result in a nice experience. One more fun fact is that it is also possible to take away your orders so that you can enjoy your deal at home. In this way you can combine it with going for a walk and you don’t have to pay for delivery costs!

Hopefully this has made you excited, because it’s really worth checking out. Below I will show you some of my favorite deals so that you don’t have to search through everything yourself anymore.

Three-course dinner at LeCuq

LeCuq is a restaurant that I haven’t been to since the beginning of my studies, but that’s actually a shame. When I came across this deal I remembered the very nice dinner I had there years ago, so even without the discount it’s a good recommendation if you love chicken. But luckily for us, we do have access to discounts. LeCuq offers a three-course menu for only €23,50. For every course you can choose between three options, including vegetarian/vegan options. They promise you the best chicken of Groningen, so chicken lovers, what are you waiting for?

Three-course menu at ‘t Zwarte Schaap

This deal is so good that you definitely shouldn’t eat too much on the day of your reservation. I can say this from experience, because when I made use of this deal at ‘t Zwarte Schaap, we were offered so much food that my friend and I were too full and skipped the dessert. Although this is a shame on the one hand of course, we were totally okay with it as we realized that €22,95 for two courses isn’t expensive either. Then imagine a three-course dinner for this price! As a starter you can choose between two kinds of soup and for the main course there are meat, fish and vegetarian options. The dessert is a surprise, but be warned that the soup is very filling and you might not be able to make it to the end ;)

Main course + drink at Bistro Bommen Berend

In case you already know that often three or even two courses is too much for you, or when you just don’t have enough time for this, then consider this deal at Bistro Bommen Berend. For €19,50, you can enjoy a main course including a drink. The drink is a nice extra, as this often has to be paid for separately (for example at the previous two deals). Bommen Berend describes itself as a meeting place for many stadjers (inhabitants of Groningen), but with this deal it also becomes very interesting for students. You should take into account that for some main courses you will have to pay 1-2 euros extra, but it remains a nice deal nevertheless.

Coffee or tea + pastry at Fresh Today

Are you close to the city center and do you want a small break? Then you can have your coffee break, including a nice pastry, at Fresh Today for only €4,50. I think I can speak for others as well if I say that Fresh Today is not very well known, as it’s a bit more hidden (correct me if I’m wrong). However, the pastries look very good and are normally around €4 or €5, so this deal including a cup of coffee or tea is very appealing.

Extensive lunch platter + coffee or tea and chocolate bonbons at De Prael

If you're looking for a nice option for lunch, I think I have found the perfect deal for you. At De Prael you can get a very extensive lunch for only €9,95 including the soup of the day, a salad, tosti (typical Dutch sandwich served hot), coffee/tea and even chocolate bonbons. I don’t know about you, but in my opinion that is a lot of food for a very student-friendly price. One little ‘risk’ might be that you don’t know what the soup of the day will be beforehand, but you can also say this will be a nice surprise.

These were only a few deals that stood out to me, but you really should have a look at Het Laatste Tafeltje yourself because there are many more delicious options. It’s actually too much to choose from. If you’re bad at making choices, this is gonna be a hard one. But, on the other hand, why not try as many deals as possible? I wouldn’t do this all within one or two months because then the deals are suddenly not that advantageous anymore, but trying out a new deal every now and then is definitely gonna be my plan for the next few months!