Activities to do during bad weather

17 April 2024

Living in the Netherlands means experiencing cold, rainy weather on most days. Most Dutchies often don’t take the train too seriously and don’t mind going about their life normally, as you may have heard them say “je bent niet van suiker!” (you’re not made out of sugar). But a lot of us don’t have the same tolerance for rain and prefer to stay indoors during bad weather. And when the weather is bad most of the time, it’s good to have some ways to pass the time and enjoy yourself while being indoors. Bad weather is also the perfect excuse for introverts and lets you enjoy your own company at home, but there are always things to do with others too. Here are soms ideas that could be fun, whether you’re alone or with friends!

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1. Series Marathon
What’s a better excuse for a binge-watching session than a rainy day? It’s also more fun to have one when you can get cozy indoors with a cup of tea and some snacks. Put on some comfy clothes, get in bed and pick your favorite show, or something from these recommendations: Community, Peaky Blinders, Sex Education, Succession, Modern Family, New Girl, Suits, Inventing Anna.

2. Have a dance sesh
Put on some upbeat music, move all of your furniture out of the way and dance your heart out! If you have friends over or live with roommates, you can have some company too. But even if you’re alone, dancing to your favorite music can be surprisingly entertaining, not to mention how it can lift up your mood instantly. We don’t often have time to move our bodies and have fun because of busy schedules, so take the rainy weather as an opportunity for it.

3. Redecorate your room
Reorganizing your personal space can feel good, especially if you’re bored of your regular schedule and want some change. You can move some things around and rearrange the layout of the room, put up some pictures you have laying around, or even make some handmade decorations if you like.

4. Play some board games
This is a good old-fashioned way to hang out with friends. Gather at someone’s place, get some snacks and some board games. And there you have it! A fun and wholesome way to spend time at home in the company of friends. Playing board games also gives you something without looking at screens and really helps you connect with people you are with, almost like when we were kids.

5. Sip and Paint
You can also bring out your creative side by getting some art supplies and having a drawing or painting session with some wine. It’s low-pressure because you don’t have to be good at painting and you can experiment all you want. The goal is to have fun and do something interesting. You can even exchange the art you all made
and keep them at home as a memento!

6. Have a baking session
What’s a better combination than friends and tasty desserts? Even if you don’t bake or are not good at it, why not try a new recipe and hope for the best. Each person can decide on their favorite dessert and everyone can work together to make everything. Gather at a friend’s house who has a big enough kitchen and everyone can chip in on the ingredients and at the end of the day have a bunch of sweet treats. Even if something doesn’t turn out well, it will still be fun to do everything together!

7. Try a new hobby
Have you been procrastinating trying something new or even getting back to an old hobby? A rainy day is the perfect opportunity for that. You can do puzzles, make art, try learning a new language or pick up a craft project. You can also just pick up a book you’ve been meaning to read for a while and give it a try. Or next time you go outside, stock up on some things you need for crocheting and try making something for your friends. There are so many possibilities!

These are some suggestions, but there are a lot more things you can do at home. Staying indoors might not seem exciting for everyone, especially if you like being around people and exploring the city, but you can always make every situation fun by trying new things. Plus, having some ideas for indoor activities is always useful in
the Netherlands!

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