Art spaces and galleries

14 November 2022

There is way more to the Groningen art scene than the well-known museums. National and international artists experiment, collaborate and exhibit their work in various art spaces and galleries in the city that are sometimes a bit hard to find. In this article I’ll list a few of them to help you further explore the always changing and exciting art-scene in the city.


SIGN is a vivid and experimental project space for contemporary interdisciplinary art on a national level. The small art space on the Winschoterkade 10 offers young artists a stage for further profiling of their work. The art at SIGN is diverse, intriguing, and most of it is based around current themes. Exhibitions change every month, so there’s always cool, new things to see at SIGN+. For further information and current programming visit the SIGN+ website:

Gallery Block C

Operating since 2013, Block C organises five solo expositions each year. Located at the Westerhavenstraat 14-a, the space is easily recognised by its old concrete exterior walls. Block C shows various kinds of visual artworks in their art space where the overall atmosphere is nice and calm. More information and current exhibitions can be found on the Block C blogspot: http://galerieblockc.blogspot....

Het Resort

RESORT is a traveling art space and artist resort that exhibits on multiple different uncanny locations. Contemporary artists get the chance to show their work via residencies at RESORT, where they can further explore and experiment with their work and gain an audience. More info, current exhibitions, resorters and open calls can be found on the website of Het Resort:

Moshpit of Creation

MOC facilitates workspaces for different kinds of artists. They believe practice starts in the artist’s studio. The cultural Moshpit of Creation is offering exhibitions with music, visual- and experimental art. Definitely worth a visit if you like to experience a wide range of art that is made by young and local artists. Current exhibitions and more can be found on the MOC website: https://www.moshpitofcreation....


WEP is a studio building with an artist-run project space located at Van Leeuwenhoekstraat 44. WEP used to be the headquarters of social housing organisation Patrimonium. After this, the building was used by Academy Minerva for their student-studio’s. When the academy decided to stop with this studio building, the artists decided to keep renting the space, but directly from Patrimonium as WEP Foundation. WEP stands for: Work, Exhibition, Place. The space offers a broad range of art exhibitions that can be found on the official WEP website:


The ARTisBOOK foundation is a research and exhibition space for contemporary books about art and their writers. If you like zines and books made by various kinds of artists, this is your place to be. Located at Westerhavenstraat number 14, the foundation is constantly searching for ways to bring people in contact with books as an artform. The space also offers a permanent place to research the environment and our society. More info and current exhibitions can be found on the official ARTisBOOK website:

 Find your inspiration!

Finding new art spaces you feel comfortable going to can be quite a challenge if you’re not an artist yourself, or not familiar with the local art scene. I hope this article gives you plenty of inspiration and excitement to visit any of the art spaces and galleries in Groningen that are listed above, because discovering new art can be a very nice image-expanding activity. By the way: all the art spaces and their exhibitions can be visited for free, unless marked otherwise on one of their websites.