For film buffs of all persuasions, from blockbusters to independent foreign productions, Groningen is the place to watch. Seven days per week, you can join your fellow students in gazing at the big screen in no less than three cinemas, all of which offer student discounts. If you’re a true connoisseur and cannot live without at least one visit to the cinema per week, you can also purchase an unlimited card at these venues—as the name already indicates, that means that you can go as often as you like for a fixed and very reasonable price of around 20 euros a month. The screenings are nearly always in the original language which makes the movies more accessible for international students. If you’re more of an occasional moviegoer, the Groningen cinemas offer a wide variety of films, and are one of the most common social hubs of student-night time entertainment. Here’s an introduction to all of them, from small to big.

Pathé is a national cinema chain with locations in every major Dutch city, also right in downtown Groningen. The cinema features mostly mainstream films and blockbusters, and in addition shows so-called PAC-films, which cater to a foreign film-and-art house-loving public. Pathé has events related to streaming sport events; opera; theater; gaming; music; documentaries; Bollywood; Turkish movies; and PAC- alternative cinema. The events are in particular days, so those genres are not daily happenings. Sometimes movies have a discount for students as 1-2 euro from the original price, however the normal ticket price is 10,50. What is common for Pathé, that you will get a comfy chair, you are allowed to drink beer and eat during the screening. Pathé has topics as Ladies Night; Gay Night; film marathons and the tickets are slightly cheaper.

Kinopolis Cinema
Kinopolis Groningen is located at the Euroborg which is best known as the stadium of local soccer pride- FC Groningen. It’s located around ten minutes by bike from the city centre. The student ticket is 8,50 euro. They have some of the newest movies but also some older movie screenings. You can get some snacks and enjoy your beer meanwhile the screening. It is quieter, so it is good for true movie lovers who do not want to be interrupted by kids and snack sounds.

Groningen Forum Cinema
Groningen Forum Cinema is located at Hereplein which 2 minutes’ walk from the shopping street is. Groningen forum shows sometimes new movie releases but most of the time, the screenings are movies that has been released in festivals. Often, Groningen Forum has a debate session after the screening. Moreover, the Groningen Forum has diverse activities related to arts as cinema, painting and artists. The price of the tickets is usually around 10 euro. 

RKZ was an old Catholic Hospital but now it is cool, cultural place to be. The former RKZ hospital is now home to a variety of artists, who live there and run the cinema themselves. Tickets only cost 4.50 euro, and the luxury seats and artistic atmosphere are well worth the ten-minute bike ride from the city centre. The screenings are varying from local, to alternative to international. Usually the showings take place on Saturdays and Mondays, and the RKZ screens a balanced mix of mainstream and art house (even local) films.

Vera Cinema
Vera Cinema is some alternative cinema projections in Groningen.The Zienema group independently takes care of weekly film screenings, usually on Tuesdays. Collectively they set up the film program, assemble the film when necessary and take care of their own publicity. The evening itself is also entirely taken care of by the group: in a small amount of time the concert hall is built into a cinema where everyone can enjoy very diverse movies in a relaxed atmosphere. In addition, they run the bar and cash register on the evening itself. Sometimes, Vera organizes secret cinema that is basically having a cinema projection at a spot and a film that you don’t expect as a factory. As well, usually, in September, Vera organizes an open-air cinema called Zienemaan & Sterren.

Kino Suka
Kino Suka – the underground cinema which was started by group of artists, culture and media students. The cinema shows movies that are not usually on the list of the mainstream cinemas. It is located at Oosterstraat 13 a and it has projections every Thursday and Sunday evening. The cinema takes up to 30 people. Usually, after the movie a discussion is taking place. 

What about going to one of the oldest cinemas in the Netherlands?
Yes, there is one, but near Groningen. It is in Stadskanaal. The cinema is called Smoky and the setting inside is preserved as from 70s-80s- You can see it here. In fact, Smoky Stadskanaal is one of the oldest cinemas in the Netherlands. The price of the cinema is 10 euro for a screening.  



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