Museums in the city Groningen

Before starting with the article about the museums in Groningen, I would strongly recommend for everybody who is a museum enthusiast to purchase the museum card ( This museum card costs 60 euro and it is valid for 1 year. With the card, you will be able to visit museums in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and all museums in the Netherlands. Note: not all museums accept the museum card, however the majority museums do. The museums that do not accept the card are usually private museums which the entry fee does not cost as much as national museum’s. In addition, be aware that usually museums in the EU do not work on Monday.

Groningen Museum

Groningen Museums right now is the most Hanze- RUG University students’ friendly museums in Groningen. If you are student in Groningen, and you have a student card you get a free entrance. The museums building is super modernistic and facing the Central train station of Groningen. The museums consist of a traveling exhibition that stays for a few months and a permanent exhibition related to the artists, history and culture of Groningen.

University Museum

The university museum is related to the history and discoveries of the RUG university. The entrance is free for everybody. The museum has regularly small new exhibitions. The permanent exhibition is related to the history of Aletta Jocobs (the first woman to attend a Dutch University officially) and human and animal’s dissection parts. After visiting this museum probably, you will be shocked but also amused about the human body. The museum is in the city center (Oude Kijk in 't Jatstraat 7a), slightly hidden in a small street.

Noordelijk Scheepvaartmuseum (Northern Maritime Museum)

This museum is about the history of the northern Dutch shipping and shipbuilding from the Middle Ages until today. The exhibition contains Hanseatic shipping in the Middle Ages (this is the place to relate why Hanze University is named like that); Shipbuilding in wood and iron; Ship engines and more. If you have the museum card, the entrance is for free. Regular entrance ticket costs 6 euro. The museum is located near A- kerk at Brugstraat 24.

Graphic Museum Groningen - GRID

Graphic Museums in Groningen is related to the print history of how newspapers, magazines and posters are made. As a matter of fact, the Dutch typography practices in the past and now set the trends of typography and design. Typography is all those names of the letter types (as Calibri, Arial etc.) and they are hard, time consuming (and expensive) to create. All the machines in the museum work from the historic presses and ultramodern risograph, the typesetting machines and the machines in the bindery. The changing exhibitions in GRID focus on various aspects of the printmaking profession, printmaking history and graphic art. The museum is located at Sint Jansstraat 2 which is close to Martini Tower. With the museums card the entrance is for free, and for students the fee is 5 euro.


This museum is about collections of comic books, magazines, and comic strips taken from newspapers and magazines. There is also sketches of how comics are done. Inside the museums, there is also a comics shop with up to date and famous comics such as Asterix. With the museum card the entrance is for free and without the card the price for students is 5 euro. The location of the museums is at Westerhaven 71 and the entrance is above the McDonalds.

St Museum Canadian Allied Forces

The Canadian museum is related to the Second World War (1940-1945) events on the territory of Groningen. The Canadian Allied Forces helped continuously the population which is under occupation with food supplies. Eventually, the Canadian Allied Forced helped in freeing the region of Groningen under Nazi rule. The museum aims at preserving the memory of the events by having collections of tanks, cars, planes, machine guns, clothes and photography from that time. The museum is private; therefore, the museum card is not valid. Unfortunately, currently the museum is being relocated to Grootgast (town in the province of Groningen) and it is expected to be open for the festivity days related to Second World War in May 2018.

Museums in the province of Groningen:

The museums in the province can be as interesting and interactive as in the city of Groningen. Visiting small regional museums would give you an experience as the small-town vibes and the peaceful lives. They are harder to reach because you will need to use the bus or your bike. However, the small museums are more specialized which gives you better insights of the topic. The museum card is recommended even though in the province most of the museums are private.

Museum Nienoord & Nationaal Rijtuigmuseum in Leek

The exhibition shows the development of road traffic and the predecessors of the car and the tram. Fun fact- Groningen had trams a long time ago! Visitors can take a ride in a carriage with the interactive driving game. Here you will also find the horse stables, the coach house, and a special 17th century shell cave. Museum Nienoord is located in the Borg Nienoord and it is surrounded by water like a small fortress from 1524. The glorious history of the borg and its former inhabitants is displayed in a playful manner in the exhibition Hidden Stories. The borg is located in a beautiful courtyard and walking paths through a garden.

Museum Sint Bernardushof in Aduard

It is a Medieval church in Aduard that became a museum because of its importance. Medieval churches and ancient riverbeds have survived the centuries. The Abbey in Aduard has been of great influence on its surroundings and the trail of the monks who lived there. The abbey church in the middle of the village is the former hospital of the monastery, the oldest medical monument in the Netherlands and is a building of the monastery complex that has been preserved. The museum aims to inform visitors about the history of the Cistercian (religious order of the White Monk) monastery.

National bus museum in Hoogezand

Well, it is a museum for collection for different buses that ran in the Netherlands. You can see diverse buses from old movies. The museum aim is to present the unique engineering heritage of the collection in its historical, social, technological and educational background. The exhibition also includes showing uniforms, tickets, timetables, guides, and many more objects. Funny but you can also rent an old bus with a driver for a full experience. The museum ranks as one of the most visited museums in the province of Groningen.

Museums de buitenplaats in Elde

The museum of the “outside places” is one of its type. It is an example of the discussed example of organic architecture which promotes harmony between human habitation and the natural world. Cemented walls alternate with neatly piled retaining walls planted with creepers. Flowering roof gardens and colourful borders change into green "outdoor rooms". The walls of these rooms consist of clipped beech and yew bushes. The exhibitions focus on contemporary figurative Dutch art, and architecture.

Museum Vosbergen near Elde

Museum Vosbergen displays musical instruments from a historical perspective and is located in a stately villa in the beautiful Vosbergen estate which is like a forest area. The approximately 800 musical instruments have been collected and restored for over sixty years by private collectors. It is an informative, peaceful and beautiful museum with a garden in the forest.

International Wooden Shoes Museum in Elde

Everybody knows the Dutch wooden clogs but not everybody knows the history of them. You can visit the International Wooden Shoe Museum in Eelde for clogs, clog-making equipment, and machinery. It has the largest collection of wooden footwear in the world! The museum has over 2,200 different pairs of wooden shoes and footwear with wooden soles from 43 countries. There are beer, cheese, and tulips museums as well... but not in Groningen.

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