Finding green in Groningen

16 August 2022

Now that it is summer, we all either feel the need or the pressure to go outside more. And lets be real here, the rising temperatures each year make it a lot more attractive to sit by the water all day rather than staying in your hot student room. However, some of you might be a bit bored or done with hanging out at the Noorderplantsoen or city beach (DOT). That is why we have listed a couple of nice places for you to be in nature in Groningen without doing the same thing over and over this summer.

The City Park (Stadspark)

This may seem like an obvious one, but we know that not everyone (at least internationals) knows about the city park yet. Which is such a shame! The city park is quite spacious, there are multiple beautiful spots to either have a picnic, barbeque or sunbathe. There are many different plants to discover for those who find that interesting and of course mushrooms during the right season. There is also a petting zoo within the park if you love to connect to animals. Definitely a place to check out!

The Onlanden

A bit outside of Groningen is a national park called the Onlanden. If you enjoy biking, roller skating or hiking, this is a beautiful area to go to. In between all the beautiful fields and meadows there are places to eat, drink and rest. It is a wonderful opportunity if you want to relax, quiet your mind or be in nature. By going to the Onlanden you will be able to get away from the city for a bit and experience a little bit more of the typical Dutch landscapes.

Paterswoldsemeer (try pronouncing that)

Do you love to swim during summer and do you hate going to the DOT when it is crowded? Say no more. You might have heard of Hoornseplas, but did you know that if you cycle a bit longer and further, you will end up at a bigger lake called Paterswoldsemeer? There are loads of fun activities to do here as well. You could rent a boat or a canoe and try something new with your friends while also enjoying being out of the city and in between the green.


Last but not least, going to Kardinge might not occur to you immediately, but it can be really nice to go to. If you enjoy doing sports during summer, specifically swimming, Kardinge is a very good option to consider. As you may know, there is a karting and bowling centre closeby and an outside lake in which you usually can swim (always check for blue-green algae). Another fun thing you can do here is bouldering and climbing. Even for hiking you have “the hill” to walk up to. So, altogether, Kardinge is a fun place to spend your summer outside.

All in all, wherever you decide to waste your summer away, make sure to always wear sunscreen. You cannot go wrong with that!