Guide to mindfulness in the moving process

28 March 2023

Moving can be a very stressful and overwhelming process, especially when you have got multiple things going on in your personal life. Whether you are moving in and/or moving out, here are a few tips that might make the process less frustrating and more mindful.

Organize, organize, organize

Labelling your boxes, knowing where everything is at all times, really lifts a weight off your shoulders. You are not constantly losing your things (and your mind) when you have made a clear inventory of all the items you have and where you stored them. So, specific boxes for kitchenware, specific boxes for clothing, specific boxes for bathroom items. You get it.

Ignite inspiration

Moving is often a practical thing. But it can also be quite exciting! Instead of focusing too much on all the to dos and pressure, remind yourself that this is a new chapter for you. Create a vision board on Pinterest, go shopping for some new home decorations, make a list of things you like about the new space. Whatever you do, there is plenty to look forward to.


Yeah, how cliché. However, journaling in busy periods of your life actually helps you process a lot more. A clear mind equals an easier moving journey. Your mind might get cluttered along with all your other stuff. Transitioning and moving from one place to another will create a lot of thoughts, worries and requires planning. By continuously putting this on paper you prevent all this mental clutter to build up in your mind.

Continue with celebration

What do we mean by this? When we are in a busy period, especially when we move, because this takes a lot of time and energy, we tend to socialize less or not go out enough. We’re not saying you should go clubbing every night, but in these times make sure you also have enough relaxation time and fun things planned. And, once the moving process is done, celebrate that you did all this! Moving can be a big achievement. It requires a lot of effort. Celebrate that you are settled into a new place and managed to get the job done! Whether this is ordering a pizza for yourself or throwing a housewarming party, make sure you symbolically check off this big win for yourself.

Talk it through

Often we might feel alone when we go through (major) change. Do not forget that you have people in your life who might have gone through this before or would love to listen to you vent. Talking about your frustrations or your planning might lift a weight off your shoulders and mind. Whether it is friends, family, co-workers, strangers on the internet or your partner, you are never truly alone!