How to prepare for life after graduation

22 April 2024

It is that time of the year when a lot of us have to start thinking about how our life will look in a few months. The time we spend in university, even if it’s busy and stressful, can have some comfort of knowing what you’re doing on a regular basis. Graduating means getting ready for the real world and pursuing a career you’ve been working towards in university. It can be scary, but you can always make it less stressful by being prepared. Here is a checklist of things you can start doing now or as soon as you are finished with university:


Update your CV
This is the first step towards your professional life. Make sure to update your CV with your latest educational background and jobs, internships or volunteer work. Include all your relevant experiences because they give a well-rounded idea of your skills and knowledge. UG students can also contact the university’s Career Services to get advice on how to build your CV, motivation letter and LinkedIn profiles. Plus, they can also help you prepare for job interviews through mock interviews so that you’re well prepared.

Write a basic cover letter
Apart from CVs, cover letters are a requirement for most job applications. Every role has a different profile so it is important that you make each letter unique based on what the organization wants. But having a basic cover letter can save you a lot of time and energy. Just write down your qualifications, experience and skills focusing on your strengths and then you can change it whenever you apply to a new position.

Start networking!
This is so important. It might seem underrated, but networking can sometimes be the deciding factor in how you start your career. It’s basically all about reaching out and talking to the right people. You can use platforms like LinkedIn to start conversations with people in your field or even start a conversation with your professors. At the end of the day, it’s important that people know who you are and that you form positive connections. You can never underestimate what having the right contacts can do for you.

Use University Career Services
Make the best of the resources available to you when you’re starting out your professional life. For UG students, the university’s career services can be a great tool. It can be especially useful to talk to them if you are having doubts about what you want to do or just need advice on how to get started in your particular field. As a UG student, you can simply book an appointment with career services through the university’s website.

Don't be afraid to change
You might have started your studies with an idea about the kind of job you want or the field you want to work in, but it's normal to change your mind by the time you graduate. The time you spend at university meeting new people and talking to your professors tells you a lot about your field and can give you new ideas for a career that aligns better with your interests and skills. Don't think that you have to stick to the same plan you made in the beginning and give your new ideas a try.

Don't worry!
This major change can feel very scary for a lot of us as things seem uncertain, but remember that in time everything will fall into place. Of course you will have to work towards it, but as long as you're putting in the effort, you will the good results. Be patient, be open and most importantly be confident in your own abilities. Apply for opportunities even if you think you don't have a chance, because you never know how it may turn out!

Of course you can never be completely sure about what happens in life but being a little prepared can make a huge difference in how you handle this major change. Good luck!