Must haves for the new school year

23 August 2023

We all know summer could last forever, but there comes a moment when it is time to get back into routine. The next school semester is patiently waiting for you. For those who are starting their first year this is often an exciting time. Those who have been studying for longer might not be looking forward as much to going back. If you are new to Groningen and the Dutch student life, this article gives you an overview of all the necessities and must haves for the new school year.

1. Reusable coffee cup

Studying seems to go hand in hand with coffee. A reusable coffee cup allows you to bring coffee or tea with you anywhere. Especially comforting when you are making all those extra hours at the library or school. Additionally, The Netherlands has a new rule since 2023 that you have to pay extra money when you buy disposable products, like coffee cups. Not only is a reusable coffee cup more personal and sustainable, it will also save you some mone

2. Your favorite headphones

For many of us the new school semester means we have to get focused again. If you are someone who studies and functions better while listening to music or a podcast, a good pair of headphones is a must have. Did you know that as a student you can get discounts on SURFspot? You can get your AirPods or headphones a bit cheaper than in regular stores. Same goes for other electronics or software. If you need a new laptop or for example Adobe software, SURFspot is the place to buy it online.

3. Enough pens for an entire lifetime

It appears to be an inevitable problem each year. Somehow you always end up running out of pens. As often and as many as you buy, you will lend them to people, lose them in your bags and eventually be without one completely. Therefore, buy a good supply of pens and pencils for yourself. And while you are at it, throw a few pretty highlighters in there as well. You are going to need them for your exams.

4. The perfect (laptop) bag

Finding a bag that suits all your college needs can honestly be difficult. You have to have enough little pockets within the bag to store your pens, keys, earphones, phone, charger(s) and much more. Especially as a girl you might need extra space for your lady products and make-up. Some bags are too small, others feel too big and look a bit boring. Take your time to shop for a bag that will store everything you have, but also one that protects your laptop. Your laptop is going to be your best friend the next few years. Without it you will be lost.

5. A raincoat

Let’s be real here, we are talking about The Netherlands here. If you are new to Groningen (or the country in general) do not be shy with your money and invest in a good (rain)coat. All the times you have to bike to campus will be much more pleasant if you are not getting soaked by the rain. Speaking of investing, do not forget you need a good bike here as well. The Dutch use and see this as the ultimate form of transportation. And you will too eventually.

6. Motivation

Need to say more?

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