Gardens, parks and beaches

The following places can be reached with a bike and are the perfect locations to have a picnic, a walk and do sport.

Prinsenhof Gardens
Prinsenhoftuin is a garden built in renaissance style that is located in Groningen, behind the Prinsenhof. The garden is in the city center of Groningen. It is very small but beautiful, consisting from labyrinths, roses and herb plants. There is a café in the garden which makes this location the most quiet and beautiful spots to have a coffee in Groningen.

Martinikerkhof park
This is the park behind the Martini Tower. It is very small and quiet. It is perfect for sunny studying.

Pioenpark is a small park located close by the city center. It has a small garden and a public, free of charge tennis court. It is a park between neighborhoods.

This park is the biggest park located so close to the city center. It is one of the best locations to hang out with friends when the sun is out. You will see thousands of people lying on the grass and catching sun rays. Many people bring barbeques and enjoy the weather. The park has two public toilets, basketball and volleyball pitches. Moreover, in the end of August, the park becomes a cultural area with the festival Noorderzon.


Stadspark name is basically the city park. This is the biggest city park and it is located in the South of Groningen. It has big walking areas, a restaurant, canals and small forests. It is picturesque with the big, old trees around. In this park, there is also a children’s zoo park. In the small zoo park (free entry), you can see and pet some chickens, goats, rabbits and cats. It is funny to play with a goat and reconnect with the nature.


This park is located in the East side of Groningen (neighborhood Lewenborg). This park is 6 km away from the city center. It is very natural park with cows, sheep, horses, birds and turtles. You can have an off road running and walks in the meadows. The park is fairly big and very different from the park described above.


Hoornsemeer is not a park but it has a beach. It is the “sea” of Groningen. During the summer time, it is full of people swimming, laying around and doing water sports. It has some green area with a few trees and grass. The beach is also located near an old windmill which makes the place overall impressive.  Groningen also has a city beach which is located near the student Hotel and it is also a top location to be during the hot days.

Hortus Botanicus Haren
The botanic garden in Haren is an amazing place to have a chill Sunday. It is also the largest botanical garden in the country. It has a Chinese, Celtic, flower, water gardens, gallery and more things to see. The garden fee for students from RUG and Hanze is just 4 euro. The botanic garden can be easily reached by bike from Groningen. It takes around 25 minutes by bike from Grote Markt to the garden. In case you do not want to bike, there is a direct bus and a train to Haren that costs around 2 euro one way. More info:

Vosbergen Eelde
This park will be the ultimate challenge to go by bike. It is 14km away from Groningen or 40 minutes by bike. The road passes through Hoornsemeer full of many small, beautiful bike roads. In the park is located the Music Museum Vosbergen which is small and yet very diverse with musical instruments. The park feels like a forest and you can bike in it. The open spaces are impressive, and you can just lay there in the park and not meet anybody with hours.

Vosbergen Eelde

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