Shopping for specialties

10 November 2022

Whether you want to buy a nice gift for someone else or yourself or like to wander around the city and explore some cool shops: specialty shops are the way to go. And since Groningen is blessed with lots of great specialty shops, we’ll show you a few that are definitely worth visiting.

Vin Natuur  

At Vin Natuur it’s all about natural wine. The shop, located at Oude Kijk in ‘t Jatstraat 66, believes that wine should be produced with as little intervention as possible. This sustainable way of growing and preserving provides a more versatile palette of flavors and scents that you should certainly try for yourself. Inside, the rustic atmosphere highlights the great selection of wines that also looks amazing. By the way, Vin Natuur also organizes wine tastings and bubble parties where you can discover new wines and meet new people.

Witch-Ball Rariteiten

Witch-Ball Rariteiten is a unique and eye-grabbing curiosity shop at Herestraat 102. The unusual shop provides a great range of gemstones, fossils, minerals, tribal art and skulls that are all unique in their own way. Inside the store you’ll find yourself in a museum of curiosities where everything is so special that it’s almost bizarre that you can actually buy it. Go and take a peek inside for amazing curiosities that are presented in an extraordinary atmosphere.

H. Witting & Zn

Hat and cap shop H. Witting & Zn has been a household name in the city of Groningen for over 145 years. This old and characteristic specialty shop is located at the Oosterstraat number 5. Entering the shop, the old bell greets you in the same exact manner it welcomed customers more than one hundred years ago. The whole hat shop breathes history since much of the old interior has been preserved. From French berets to stylish floppy hats and checkered flat caps, H. Witting & Zn has it all. So, give it a visit and buy the hat or cap you didn’t even know you needed.

De Kaaskop

Specialized in locally produced cheeses is De Kaaskop, located at the Zwanestraat 24. The assortment of the long and narrow shop ranges from typical Dutch cheeses to nuts, tapas, snacks and even vegan cheeses. De Kaaskop also organises wine, cheese, beer and fondue tastings that are worth trying out for yourself.

Monk Whisky

In a picturesque premise at the Akerkhof 31 is Monk Whisky, an exclusive whisky shop where you can discover extraordinary whiskies from all over the globe. The beautiful wooden interior and staff in chique clothing add to your buying experience as you feel like you travelled back to the 1930’s. Noteworthy: take a look at the online Monk Whisky blog for extra inspiration. 


Got a sweet tooth? Then Droppie just might be your new favourite shop in the city centre.

Located at the Astraat number 7 this 40-year-old candy shop is a sugary sight to be seen. While the candy shop is specialized in Arabic gum, the shop also offers a wide range of other liquorice and traditional Dutch candy.

Walking in is always free

While these shops are great destinations for a nice little specialty shopping spree on your free afternoon, there are way more shops just like these to explore in our beautiful city centre. Just go for a walk and take a look inside the shops that appeal to you when you walk by, you just might find something great! These shops are like tiny worlds you step into, so even if you don’t buy anything you’ll probably feel a lot more inspired once you walk out.