As the other sections have already shown, you’ll be a busy bee in Groningen: student organizations, committees, friends, social nights, there is an abundance of activities to attend. However, there is no better place to clear your mind then in the gym. Luckily, there’s just the place to go: your student card is also the pathway to cheap sports. At the ACLO, the student sports organization of the RUG and Hanze UAS, you can practice a variety of sports, from wakeboarding to martial arts to ping pong.

The ACLO is the largest facility for student sports in the Netherlands, so you’re sure to experience the best facilities and the widest variety of sports while in Groningen. It’s the cheapest way to work out, and to catch up with the 18.000 other students that regularly attend the ACLO. Sporting is also a social event; in courses you’ll meet the same people every week, while free hours give you the chance to mix and mingle with even more new faces.

But if the bike ride to the ACLO (about 15 minutes from the city centre) is too much for you, and your dignity prevents you from taking the bus, there are also numerous other free facilities to demonstrate your athletic abilities, for example at the municipal free sporting areas. If you want to know more about sports and the parks in Groningen, check out this short video. Get moving!

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