Besides its vibrant cultural scene, Groningen is nationally and internationally known for its quality educational institutions. It is home to the University of Groningen (RUG) and the Hanze University of Applied Sciences (Hanze UAS), which have over 25.000 students each.

The Dutch educational system works a little differently than that in other countries, as it makes a distinction between universities of applied sciences (Hanze UAS) and research universities (RUG). The difference is mostly in the nature of the programme; as the Hanze UAS will prepare you for a specific field of work and also trains practical skills, the RUG’s curriculum revolves around critical thinking and transferable skills. In the sections below we will help you select the one best suited for fostering your talents while enjoying Groningen’s distractions.

Hanze UAS or RUG, it’s all about finding the programme of your dreams. And there will undoubtedly be something perfect for you in Groningen, as the total number of degrees offered exceeds 150. The Hanze UAS currently offers seventy four-year degree programs, ranging from Music to Advanced Sensor Applications. The RUG offers English-taught bachelor degrees in every faculty, and has no less than 73(!) English MA programs, including 8 prestigious Erasmus Mundus degrees.

The universities will of course not only introduce you to their intellectual resources, but also to all that Groningen has to offer. You will start off your study in Groningen with the KEI-week, a week of introductory activities to the city’s nightlife, cultural programs, sport facilities, and much more. Prepare to be awed!

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