The Coolest Concert Venues of Groningen

7 March 2023

One of the many wonderful things about Groningen is that there are plenty of cultural activities and places to go to. Whether it is museums, festivals, outdoor markets or the clubs, there is always something to experience here. However, today we want to specifically share with you the coolest and most popular concert venues that Groningen has to offer and what makes them different from each other.

VERA Groningen

In the Oosterstraat, when the sun has already set, you will probably encounter small groups of people smoking and chatting on the sidewalk. They are standing in front of one of our favourite concert venues in Groningen, called VERA. VERA is one of the more iconic concert venues in Groningen, because many artists have come and gone to perform here. Can you imagine going there to see Joy Division, The Cure, Bauhaus or even Nirvana? We are not kidding, VERA has seen it all.


Some of you have probably already been to Simplon, because from time to time they host amazing events, raves or other types of parties, such as Ongehoord or Yowsah! There are many nights you can spend your time dancing here.Not only do they host these great nights, they also regularly support smaller artists and allow them a place to perform. Almost every Thursday you can go to Up! in Simplon for three euros to watch three new artists who are just entering the music scene. Who knows, you might discover your new favourite upcoming musician there!

SPOT Groningen

SPOT Groningen is an organisation that has several venues in the city. Not only do they host concerts, but also theatre, dance and other arts. The main venue is the Oosterpoort, however they also host events in cool spots such as in the churches of Groningen. Maybe you could listen to some folk music in the Lutherse Kerk or a classical performance in Nieuwe Kerk. Their other beautiful venue is the Stadsschouwburg. This building is definitely worth it to visit at least once. The Schouwburg is usually where the theatre takes place, but your concert could be scheduled there as well!


Another venue you might be familiar with is the EM2 venue. Not only do they host concerts, but they also organize fun little events such as vintage sales and markets. They have dance events or specific evenings with a theme. Especially during summer, you will see lots of people going for a drink at EM2, because the venue is located at the Suikerterrein. It is a beautiful, stretched and open space that has been made really cosy for you to enjoy a night out.