Things you can do to kickstart 2024

30 December 2023

The new year is almost upon us. Instead of setting the same old New Year’s solutions and not following up on it, there are some other things you can do to set a good tone for 2024. Here is how you kickstart the next 12 months:

Things You Can Do To Kickstart 2024

1. Deep clean and declutter your room

A clean space is a clear mind. Over time we tend to accumulate a lot of clutter in our house. Nothing creates a better, organized start to the new year than to clear out your living space. How? Something that can help with your motivation is to work in sections. For example, you can start by decluttering your wardrobe. Once that is organized you move to the next section, maybe the kitchen or your other cabinets. Move and work through every area of your room, studio or apartment until you have removed all the unnecessary items from your life! 

And while you are cleaning and decluttering you can put on your favourite music playlist or podcast to keep you going. It is a very mindful and somewhat relieving activity to do. As you clean your space, you clear out your head. 

2. Set intentions instead of goals
When we set goals for ourselves we are more likely to lose focus and not follow through. Goals make us feel disappointed and guilty when we do not achieve them in the time frame we had given ourselves. Instead, try setting intentions for the new year. This is a more broad idea of how you want to feel, what you want to do or experience in 2024. An example of a goals vs. an intention looks like this:

Goal  - Before the summer of 2024, I want to have worked out at least 3 times a week.
Intention  - In 2024 I will prioritize my health and moving my body as much as I can.

3. Reflect on 2023
Yes, it feels a bit obvious, but creating deliberate time for reflection is key to entering the new year with valuable insights. If you are not someone who is used to journaling, you could write out a timeline of the past year. Get a couple sheets of paper and write down each month of the year. What were the main events that happened each month? How did you feel and what did you learn from them? Use your photo gallery or calendar to remember what you did each month. Not only can it be fun to remember all the experiences you have had, but it can also be helpful to realize what you want to let go of before 2024.

At the end of writing all the months down, reflect on what you would like to do and feel differently in the new year.

4. Make a mood board.
A lot of people love to make mood boards with Pinterest. A New Year’s mood board can give you a beautiful visual overview of what you want to experience and do in 2024. Not only is it a cozy winter activity to browse through pretty images, but it strengthens your intention setting for the new year. People are visual creatures and having actual pictures that represent what you would like to feel can be a powerful thing.

5. Get enough sleep and rest
December can be a busy month for many with the holidays. It is important to continuously create space and time for yourself to rest. Make sure you frequently go to bed on time, because during winter most of us require extra hours of sleep. Take time for yourself or relaxing activities that will recharge you. When you are rested you will enter the 2024 with a whole new glow!