Tips and tricks when moving out

29 August 2023

As the new academic year is almost starting, some students might be planning to leave the city, to continue their education somewhere else or to return to their home country. Others might be planning to move houses within the city as they continue their student life in Groningen. In this article, I have compiled some essential tips to ensure that your departure from and within Groningen is a seamless experience.

Selling and giving away belongings

As you plan to move, you might have no option but to leave some furniture or belongings behind. First, if a new tenant is coming to your room, it is most convenient to arrange for the new person to take over some of the items from your room. Online platforms such as Marktplaats and Facebook Marketplace are also popular choices for selling and buying second-hand goods for students in Groningen. To maximize your chances of success, you should take clear pictures, provide detailed descriptions, and set reasonable prices.

Additionally, Groningen is the home to various local second-hand shops, such as Mamamini, Fair Back Kringloop, and GoudGoed, which will be more than open to receive those items you no longer need. For bigger stuff, such as fridges and washing machines, or disposal of plastic and chemical waste, the municipality has provided us with an overview of how to correctly dispose of the waste.

Donating old clothes and shoes

Besides the charity shops, you can also use the application Vinted to sell your second-hand clothes, shoes, and accessories. Within the application, all you need to do is take some pictures and provide information about the products, and you can safely buy and sell second-hand items. GoudGoed and the Municipality of Groningen provide textile containers across the city where you can dispose of second-hand clothes, shoes, or bags at any time. The GoudGoed team collects items from these containers 10 times a year to sort them out and recycle them.

Getting packing and moving supplies

A smooth move starts with efficient packing. You can conveniently purchase packing boxes online or in stores such as IKEA, Action, and HEMA. They have sturdy boxes which allow you to keep it or give it to friends who might need it. Making sure you properly label the boxes will make unpacking at your new place a much easier process. Another option is for you to go to nearby supermarkets such as Jumbo and Albert Heijn and ask for banana boxes (bananen dozen), which they usually allow you to take for free. Lastly, you can also look up Marktplaats and Facebook Marketplace to purchase second-hand moving boxes for cheap from other people, or sell yours after you have used them.

Renting a transport service

There are various options for you to rent a reliable and efficient mode of transportation for your moving day. For instance, if you or a friend have a valid driving license, you can just rent a van or car for the whole day yourselves. Some companies also provide moving services with student friendly prices. Here are some companies my friends and I have personally used or have heard of positively: Moving Company Groningen, StudentVerhuisTeam Groningen, Student Verhuis Service, and Groningen Transport Service. Compare the different costs and services and find the most suitable one for your needs. Book the van in advance to ensure that they are available on your preferred moving day.

In conclusion, whether you are departing from or moving within the city of Groningen, these essential tips should be your guiding compass for a smooth transition. Selling your belongings, donating your items, and disposing of your waste responsibly will not only help you sort out your moving process but also leave a positive impact on the environment. Getting the proper packing supplies and reliable transportation will help you simplify the journey. Good luck on your moving day!