Vindicat atque polit

Vindicat atque Polit has been a traditional association for over 200 years, making it the oldest association in all of the Netherlands. With more than two thousand active members, Vindicat is one of Groningen's largest student associations and is located at the city's most beautiful location, the Grote Markt.

Besides the many parties organized by members at the association, Vindicat also has much to offer in terms of cultural and sporting broadening and development. Vindicat has more than 25 sports and cultural sub-associations where you can use all your talents. There are also more than 50 committees where you can gain experience in all kinds of areas.

What further makes Vindicat special are the close-knit substructures that the association has. For example, there are more than 200 Vindicat houses and everyone is part of a year club. Together with the many committees and sub-associations they lay the foundation for wonderful friendships and the student time of your life!

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