Your personal guide to feeling shitty

29 March 2022

Sometimes, life doesn´t go and flow the way we want to. Regardless of who you are, what you do or what you want, we are all bound to have those days where we´d rather not face the world. Especially the Western world, where we are expected to be in a state of non-stop productivity, which makes it difficult to accept that some days we are unable to live up to these expectations and rapid changes.


Every person is different and each day is a new one. We are not robots, it is natural and human to have a different amount of energy every day. So how can we deal with the lower, perhaps sad or “lazy”, days in a healthy way? Today we would like to help you create your own personal “pick me up guide for when things do not go as you’d like them to. 

It starts with you acknowledging that you are not the same person with the same level of mental and/or physical energy every day. You might dream of a regular, steady morning routine, but let’s be real here, you will not always have the motivation or energy to get up at 6AM to go for a run. Or perhaps some days your body needs a bigger breakfast instead of that clumpy smoothie you drink. 

Secondly, it is important to get to know yourself and your personal needs. Whether you have an off day where you feel tired or you wake up with a pit in your stomach because you feel sad, it is helpful to know what you personally need in these moments. Not only mentally or emotionally, but also physically. Maybe even spiritually.In a moment where you feel good, grab a notebook, sit down and reflect on each of these areas. What makes you feel comforted, safe, happy or rested? What gives you energy or makes you feel better when you are low?

You can start with your body. Often we overlook how much the state of our body affects our mental health and energy levels. Did you get enough sleep? What have you been eating lately? How much water do you drink daily? Or how much alcohol…? Make a list of all the things that make your body feel nice. Perhaps on some days this could be going for that run. On other days it might be disappearing into a bathtub filled with overpriced soap. Maybe it is allowing yourself to take a nap or socializing outside in the sun with friends. 

Speaking of being social, when we look at our emotional state on an off day, the first thing we might have to ask ourselves is whether we need some time alone or if our friends will give us that needed energy boost. From there you can look at and list other activities that might make you feel better. An example of what this might look like: 


In the end, after reflecting on each of these areas, you will have your own little guide to what you need when you are feeling low. From now on, when you wake up and want to stay under the covers, not ready to face reality, at least you will have your own personal compass to feeling better. Either way, it is okay to have a bad day.