Looking for unique and vibrant spaces where you can unwind, study, or socialize? Look no further!  We’ll take you on a journey through some of the most eclectic and offbeat cafes in Groningen, perfect for the adventurous student seeking a different kind of experience.


Café de Prins

Another popular queer bar is Café de Prins at Zwanestraat. Here, the dancefloor is always on, and every Saturday there’s a club night with a DJ. There are also various events going on, such as the drag shows by Anastasia von Beaverhausen and Lola Lasagna, every second Friday of the month. This is also the right place for a good old night of karaoke, led by drag queen Dolly Wood.


Do you like it a bit wilder, or are you craving more after having heard the DJs at BUTTS? Every month Kopjek organizes the MISFIT night in the industrial atmosphere of Graanfabriek. This is another place to go wild surrounded by like-minded people. It’s the perfect night to put on your most daring outfit and leave all your worries behind on the dancefloor.

Ons Moeke

Finally, Café Ons Moeke deserves a place in this article. It might not be a club with DJs and drag acts, but this place at Paterswoldseweg is the definition of the word iconic. While it might seem like any ordinary snack bar at first, it’s anything but that. Owner Jantina Darwinkel has transformed it into a safe place for LGBTQIA+ youths from the city and beyond. For years she has been there for young queers who fled intolerant environments, because sadly these places still exist in the Netherlands too. She gives them shelter, puts them to work and shows them that life can be full of love instead of hate. Come and get your chips at the rainbow bar to support Jantina and Ons Moeke!

If you know where to look, Groningen is full of possibilities for a queer night out. Keep your eyes open for other places and events too because those stretch way beyond this list. During Pride, for example, many more places organize queer nights and activities. So go and hit that dancefloor and work it honey!


Next to Abrug you will find Dorothy’s, also known as House of Scandal, a drag bar by and for the community. This bar has known many names and is known as one of the oldest queer bars in the Netherlands. It’s a place where you can see real Groninger drag shows, play bingo, and sing along on the karaoke nights. Expect a relaxed and safe atmosphere where everybody can feel at home.

BUTTS (Oost)

BUTTS is a recurring queer night in Oost (at Oosterstraat). Here you can expect a lot more than a rainbow flag on the wall and the familiar Gaga hits: BUTTS is about queer culture. Those who are familiar with the ballroom scene that arose in the 1980’s and is still very much alive, will feel at home here. This is the place to serve in your very best outfit, show off your vogue skills (or learn them) and let yourself be blown away by various drag performances in all shapes and sizes. With the best DJ’s, sick visuals and a balloon extravaganza. If you like electronic music and late nights, Oost is always a nice place to go as a queer person. The audience here is one of the most diverse in Groningen, which makes for a feeling of safety. Way to go, Oost!

Het Pakhuis

If you don’t really like the typical party cafes, there are also some nice spots to go to. One of them is, hidden in a side street of Peperstraat, Het Pakhuis. Next to eating there for a nice price, you can also dance there and listen to music which mostly isn’t in the top 40. Every now and then you can also enjoy live performances here.


In another side street of Peperstraat, De Papengang, you can find Warhol. A night cafe with two floors. In Warhol you can also sometimes enjoy some live music. And definitely try out the famous Long Island Ice Tea of Warhol!

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