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Places To Find Snacks on a Night-Out

1. Hasret Probably the most popular late-night snackbar, you will find Hasret in the busiest locations around the city. They have the usual Turkish snackbar menu, with some of the most-ordered items being Kapsalon or Döner sandwiches. Apart from this, they also have Turkish pizzas (Lahmacun) and falafel, so you can get a taste of […]

Autumn Activities in Groningen 2023

Halloween movies Each year cinemas tend to host special evenings during the holidays. This year, for Halloween, there are several spooky movies for you to watch with friends. Or alone, if you dare. On Saturday 28 October there is a horror movie marathon at Forum Groningen. From 18:30 until 2:00 in the morning they play […]

Autumn essentials for students

Pumpkin Spice Latte Before you have your judgement ready, we know how many people have been excited for this yearly drink to make its return! A pumpkin spice latte might be a bit overhyped, however stereotypes are there for a reason, right? This drink is the definition of staying warm during autumn. Not only Starbucks […]

The Center of the Center: Grote Markt

The Grote Markt has quite a few historically significant buildings surrounding it, such as the Town Hall, the Martini Tower, the Forum and the cafe De Drie Gezusters. These local highlights define the city center. Apart from these, there are a number of cafes and shops in the area that make for a great weekend […]

Where to Find Vegan Sweet Treats In Groningen

Pure This cafe is located in the busy Vismarkt and is known for their selection of vegan cupcakes, donuts and more. It offers several flavours of each including lemon, strawberry and banana for cupcakes, and marble, cherry, Oreo and raspberry for donuts – to name a few! The delectable cupcakes are generously frosted and the […]

What they don’t tell you about finding a job in The Netherlands

Zoekjaar visa: A golden opportunity If you happen to graduate from a Dutch educational institution that is within the top 200 of at least two rankings (this includes UG and Hanze!), you are entitled to a one-year window to search for employment in the country, better known as the ‘Zoekjaar visa’ or the ‘Searching year […]

Tips n tricks for small rooms

The classic Dutch “Hoogslaper” It might feel a bit like a bunk bed, but when you have a bed up in the air it means there is space left underneath your bed. Perfect for a small desk you can study at or maybe a couch so you can still watch TV without falling asleep too […]

Tips and tricks when moving out

Selling and giving away belongings As you plan to move, you might have no option but to leave some furniture or belongings behind. First, if a new tenant is coming to your room, it is most convenient to arrange for the new person to take over some of the items from your room. Online platforms […]

Must haves for the new school year

1. Reusable coffee cup Studying seems to go hand in hand with coffee. A reusable coffee cup allows you to bring coffee or tea with you anywhere. Especially comforting when you are making all those extra hours at the library or school. Additionally, The Netherlands has a new rule since 2023 that you have to […]

Navigating long distance relationships

Communication: Setting the expectations This may sound typical, but I cannot stress enough how important communication over a long distance is. While technology has helped us tremendously in staying in contact with those far away from us, we need to always be aware of the quality of those communications. Be sure to always talk to […]