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Picnic spots in groningen

NIEUWE KERK First of the picniclist in Groningen: Nieuwe Kerk! Most people are familiar with Akerk or Martinikerk, but did you know there’s another beautiful church in the city? It’s located right in between the buzz of Boterdiep and Nieuwe Boteringestraat. The building itself is not only a stunning sight: it’s surrounded by a little […]

How to transform your garden or balcony on a budget

REUSE – RECYCLE Sometimes we have some home items lying around that could be perfect for in thegarden or on your balcony. Perhaps you have some nice candle holders, pots ormugs you could put plants in or an old coffee table that could easily survive outside.Even an old mirror can add more depth and space […]

How to prepare for life after graduation

Update your CVThis is the first step towards your professional life. Make sure to update your CV with your latest educational background and jobs, internships or volunteer work. Include all your relevant experiences because they give a well-rounded idea of your skills and knowledge. UG students can also contact the university’s Career Services to get […]

The ultimate selfcare tips for your exam stress

Emotional selfcare Emotional selfcare is about maintaining your mental health during stressful periods of time. 1. Writing – journaling, to-dos and gratitude listsOne way to get all your thoughts out of your head is to put them onto paper. Not only when it comes to your personal worries and overthinking, but also your tasks and […]

How to make cooking easy and fun – student edition

Try out a new recipe every weekendWhether you do it alone or with your friends, roommates, partner or family, trying out a new recipe every weekend will take you out of your cooking comfort zone. We can easily get stuck in a rut where we make the same quick meals or we simply order our […]

Did you know this about the old Groninger Museum?

The Groninger Museum originally opened its doors to the public in 1890, which wasa big step in the city becoming a culture center in the province. However, it wasnothing like what it is today. In fact, it wasn’t even called the Groninger Museum,but the ‘Museum van Oudheden’ which translates to Museum of Antiquities. Theoriginal building […]

Activities to do during bad weather

1. Series MarathonWhat’s a better excuse for a binge-watching session than a rainy day? It’s also more fun to have one when you can get cozy indoors with a cup of tea and some snacks. Put on some comfy clothes, get in bed and pick your favorite show, or something from these recommendations: Community, Peaky […]